Pamela's Platform for Putnam County Schools

PLATFORM Information:

Graduation Rates

  • Work closely with 8th and grade students to improve the passing rate of the 10th grade - Florida Standards Assessment (FSA)
  • Increase student awareness of Graduation Requirements in Elementary and Middle Schools
  • Support and share the Graduation Initiative with Parents and Community members

Student Achievement

  • Increase awareness of college and career success opportunities available to students.
  • Provide parents with resources that will help their students enhance their skills and abilities.
  • Promote high and clear expectations for achievement

Restorative Practices

  • Develop quality relationships to build a better community.
  • Provide Diversity Training for all Employees.
  • Incorporate and support opportunities for students to interact with the Character Traits

Working for Students and Teachers

  • Foster a climate and culture of open communication and transparency.
  • Provide opportunities for meaningful professional development for Teachers and Staff.
  • Build partnerships with community stakeholders to provide resources to Students and Staff.